Kaizen Day 2019

October 09 2019

Improving together

Kaizen Day 2019

Kaizen Day 2019

OMA is embracing the Kaizen philosophy in order to improve the organization and the internal processes and to pursue the LEAN ENTERPRISE PROJECT.

During the first year, we reached outstanding results performing 21 Kaizen events involving both white and blue collars. To celebrate the achievements together with all the employees, we decided to celebrate the first “Kaizen Day” at OMA.

The Executive Board, which was the major sponsor of the event, was enthusiastic for the astonishing results of the Kaizen initiatives and took the occasion to thank all the participants one by one for their efforts and full commitment.

The large participation at the “Kaizen Day” have made this event particularly significant and boosted the Continuous Improvement activities to move forward for the next future.

Proud to make the future fly!



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