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OMA is a private Italian Company founded in 1948 and acting in the worldwide aerospace market to supply high-value solutions for the design, development and production of integrated aerostructures, on board systems and components as well as product support services for commercial and military aircraft and helicopters

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Our mission is to satisfy our Customers’needs with high-tech solutions and top quality aerospace products. We sustain, generating value, the Company growth respecting the social environment and the territory with the continuous improvement of our industrial process, based on decades of experience.


We want to make OMA a leader in aerospace innovation, acquiring recognized and certified skills and certifications in the design of integrated systems. We want to be a reliable and competent partner upon which our Customers rely for the development of a joint growth strategy.


At OMA we base our everyday work on the foundation of these values:

  • Divergent thinking

    We believe that only unconventional thinking and innovation allow us to achieve excellence in the aerospace industry. And nothing less than an excellent team work and concurrent engineering can make us competitive.

  • Tradition

    What we are is proudly based on a heritage of over 70 years of intense work and deserved success.

  • Success

    Every day we write stories of industrial success creating value for the Stakeholders through our commitments.

  • Quality and efficiency

    We are fully focused on providing high quality products on time, on quality and on cost as required by the market, supported by innovative enabling technologies and lean enterprise approach. We improve our competitiveness and know-how daily through focused R&D projects.

  • Responsibility

    We operate responsibly in full respect of our Customers’ requirements, never forgetting our ethical principles and the related social and environmental impact.

  • Competence

    Our team consists of highly qualified personnel. We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from the conceptual design to the sustainment of flight operations.


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