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Sky Eye Systems

Sky Eye Systems is a NewCo established in January 2017 to develop a family of tactical UAVs
The work team is made up of highly skilled personnel Skunk Work oriented

  • Use of modelling and drawing SW (CATIA V5)
  • Complex Aerodynamic-Structural analysis (Stress, Aeroelasticity, CFD)
  • HW and SW tests performed on dedicated benches and Iron Bird to reduce integration risks on Project

Sky Eye Systems

  • Know How: highly qualified personnel with full capability of design, development and production (proprietary FCS, aerodynamic analysis, optimal structure configuration)
  • Technological challenges: ability to design systems according to technical constrains both in terms of the DRI performance of the on-board sensors and homogeneity of aircraft performances
  • New materials: Design of carbon fiber structures for minimum weight and enhanced performances. Analysis of materials combined with aerodynamic simulations to create resistant structures with low observability by hostile radar systems
  • System Testing: development of simulators reproducing the dynamics of all the on-board components in order to test the flight control and avionics SW. Development of test benches for individual equipment and Iron Bird for integrated tests, to reduce the risks associated with subsequent flight tests


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